Forget the scale–start a healthy lifestyle

If you struggle with weight gain and rarely see positive changes reflected on the bathroom scale, stop focusing on the numbers and on & off dieting and focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Change the way you set goals. If you struggle with the scales and are always disappointed by your weigh-in results, then take a break from weighing in for a while.  Shift your focus to making positive changes such as–eliminating soda, eating more fruits & veggies on a daily basis, or walking / being active for 10 more minutes a day

Stop criticizing yourself. Instead of focusing on all the things you see as ‘wrong’ with your body, look to the great. Everyone is made of up curves, parts & scars that make us each a unique individual. Embrace it! Remember that one size does not fit allWhat suits one person may not suit the next person, especially when it comes to diet and exercise. Find what suits you personally and focus on making those changes.

Embrace healthy eating as a lifestyle.  Diets may work short term and you may lose a few pounds in the process, but more often than not, when we stop the diet we gain back the weight we have lost and then some. When you accept healthy eating should be a lifestyle 7 days a week and not a short-term way to achieve weight loss, you will see results. Focus on permanent changes that will last a lifetime.

Celebrate your success. As you make changes and start to feel healthier and more energized, really focus on all of the steps forward you have taken. When you focus on the positive changes you have made and the goals achieved, this is a surefire way to stay motivated. It will fuel you to make even more healthy changes.

Shop the perimeter of the supermarket. Make the commitment to only shop the perimeter of the supermarket. This is where you will find all the fresh produce—fresh is always best.

Remember, the mind, body, and spirit work as a system of energy, so it is vital to manage all aspects of your wellness. From healthy food and exercise to managing stress levels to factoring in activities daily that uplift your spirit, focus on your system as a whole. It definitely takes a lot more than just eating a salad to achieve good health. Your focus should be on attaining wellness on every level—not just on the scales.


Published by Shoeheart Fitness

ACE Certified Personal Trainer. Health & Wellness Coach. Sports Nutrition Specialist.

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